Treaty of Peace & Friendship


Treaty of Peace & Friendship

In 1933 FDR's New Deal  placed the United States at odds with the American people. We have been labelled 'enemy aliens' under the Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) adversely effecting ever part of our lives. Under TWEA enemy aliens have no right of claim and no remedy until the perpetual war against the people is terminated. OR, until our status as enemy alien is corrected to reflect our true status as Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction.

A major step in correcting that status is declaring our peaceful intent in the form of an agreement. The Treaty is the perfect format for doing just that while holding the United State's feet to the file to come into compliance with International Law and the Hague Regulations.

Enemy status is determined by domicile rather by nationality. We have been labelled the enemy simply by where we were born and live. Or better stated by where the United States ASSUMES- that we reside. The question is, 'Are you your body or are you a soul that inhabits the body?' If you are the body that has a soul then you are domiciled on the land where you reside, but if you are a soul domiciled within a physical body then you can never be determined an enemy of the state.

The reality is that each one of us are sentient beings domiciled in the physical body which we inhabit to traverse this land in our sojourn here on earth. As such we experience an existence above the division and conflicts of the legal fiction nation states that label the unsuspecting people 'friend' or 'enemy.'

So again, 'Are you your body or are you a soul that inhabits the body?' If you are the latter then we invite you to sign the Treaty of Peace & Friendship.

Treaty of Peace and Friendship

Let it be known by all Persons to whom these presents shall come, that:

We, the undersigned beneficial owners in original jurisdiction, come in peace, humble friends of the church, the crown and the United States with intent to restore the peace and create a more perfect union; To encourage greatness and promote greater productivity; To return to solvency and restore the abundance and prosperity to America; To mend and rebuild the moral fabric of the nation restoring the family unit and sense of community.

An enemy is determined by domicile rather than nationality. We are ‘Man,’ sentient beings domiciled in physical body, peaceful inhabitants, sojourners on the land known as America by the will of our Creator. We have chosen to experience life on earth only to find that man has divided it up into various territories where they pit one against the other attaching labels of ‘friend’ or ‘enemy’ to the unsuspecting based on where they lay their head.

We are not the enemy, ally of the enemy, belligerents or combatants. We do not seek to engage in conflict or combat nor do we seek to condemn or destroy. It is not our intent to point fingers or place blame but to re-establish a peaceful and transparent relationship anchored in cooperation, honor and integrity.

We, the undersigned, do hereby enter into this Treaty of Peace and Friendship of our own free will act and deed with expressed intent to restore the peace and dignity of the people; To restore the respect for family honor, the lives and liberty of the private people and their private property.

Chain of Title & Historical Facts

Stated Without Blame or Condemnation

 Whereas, in the beginning God granted ‘man’ dominion over all things as tenants on the land; and

Whereas, ‘Man’ is the beneficiary to that original grant of dominion over the divine kingdom; and

Whereas, Jesus gave the Keys to the Kingdom to Peter as Trustee over the divine estate; and

Whereas Peter passed the Keys to the Kingdom to Pope Linus as Successor to Peter and Trustee; and

Whereas, the Keys to the Kingdom, and trusteeship, have passed from pope to pope as Successors to Peter and Trustee; and

Whereas King John conveyed the British Kingdom, upon which the sun never sets, to Pope Innocent in the Holy Alliance 1213, a private contract treaty and legal title to the kingdom; and,

Whereas in the exchange, Pope Innocent granted King John administrative authority over the British Kingdom; and,

Whereas, the 1783 Treaty of Paris declared the American colonies free and independent from the British Crown granted the right of self-determination and governance; and,

Whereas the 1783 Treaty of Paris was not a conveyance of ownership having failed to grant freedom and independence from the Vatican and the Holy Alliance 1213; and,

Whereas, the 1783 Treaty of Paris was a mere grant of administrative authority by a feudal lord who had no right, power or authority to convey ownership of America; and

Whereas, the United States, the union of several states, was created to form a more perfect union where a diverse, free and private people could live in peace and tranquility; and,

Whereas, the United States continues to honor the pope’s claim in the Holy Alliance 1213 declaring the Treaty as the highest form of law and prohibiting the impairment of private contracts; and

Whereas, the United States recognizes the people’s status as beneficial owners having declared the people the sovereign authority; and

Whereas, in 1933 FDR took the United States down a path whereby the United States shifted their allegiance to the private interests of the Federal Reserve Bank Board and became a military occupational force converting the political status of the sovereign people of America to that of enemy aliens; and

Whereas after 80+ years under FDR’s New Deal the order and safety of the beneficial owners of America is increasingly threatened and without positive cooperative action our nation is arguably doomed to repeat history that threatens to cause a grave disturbance in the relations with the inhabitants.

We Extend An Olive Branch

The Beneficial Owners understand that the leaders of the United States today have inherited the sins of their predecessors. That each successive leader found themselves on a slippery slope not of their own creation overwhelmed by the mudslide of events in which they found themselves.

The Beneficial Owners understand that a runaway and toppled train is not easily righted and seek to work side by side with the United States with the intent of restoring the peace, maintaining the order and safety of the nation while maintaining a powerful and effective peace keeping force in the United States military. Our interests are not so different.

The Beneficial Owners declare and decree that we are not the enemy but friends and allies of the United States. The Beneficial Owners extend the olive branch of peace with the intent of walking together, side by side, down the path in the return to honor and integrity.

We agree that maintaining the order and safety of the nation is second only to the necessity of the military. The American people have voluntarily ‘Pledged’ and conveyed their beneficial right, title and interest in the divine estate to the Custodian in fulfillment of the ‘Pledge’ of the 1933 New Deal. The ‘Pledge’ established a bailment agreement granting the United States the usufruct of the property on condition that the United States operates in honor and integrity and fulfills our duty as good stewards in accordance with the oath of fealty owed to our Lord.

The Beneficial Owners do not seek the release and return of the property. Neither do we seek to terminate the bailment agreement nor withdraw the right of usufruct. It is our intent to continue to honor the Pledge leaving the usufruct fully in tact on condition that the United States operates in honor and integrity and fulfills our obligation as good stewards in accordance with the oath of fealty owed to our Lord.

Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, has stated that he needs the support and assistance of the American people in order to return this nation to the abundant and prosperous nation it once was.

The Beneficial Owners hereby declare and decree ourselves at peace with the church, the crown and the United States, friends and allies with a common goal.

The Beneficial Owners seek the interest and dividends earned on our property held by the Custodian and/or Treasury of the United States under TWEA as well as the release of the payments for the requisitions charged to our account that have been held in abeyance so as to prevent the impression of theft.

As friends and allies of the United States we Pledge, upon its release and return to us, 80% of the net income (including dividends, interest, annuities, and other earnings), on our property held by the Custodian and/or Treasury of the United States under TWEA, beyond our basic needs, to the development of technology, infrastructure and humanitarian projects that forward the interests of America and the United States.

The release of these funds will discharge debt returning the United States to solvency, stimulate the economy creating millions of jobs while expanding and maintaining the infrastructure in America and beyond and serve to maintain the order and safety of our nation.

This Treaty of Peace and Friendship is self-executing and forever ratified as it requires only the spirit of cooperation and compliance with TWEA and the Hague Regulations that for years have governed our relationships one to another.

In Witness Hereof we the undersigned set our hand as our binding will and testament enacting this Treaty of Peace and Friendship for the benefit of the United States and all peaceful inhabitants of America we do Ordain and publish this Treaty upon the earthly record of the Successor to Peter for whatever he shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. It Is Done.
Treaty of Peace & Friendship
70 Have pledged their lives to peace
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