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Stake Your Claim - Redemption of sovereign authority!

The military has made it clear that they will not act without the support of the people. The people have the choice to consent to the continued rape pillage and plunder of people by the belligerent occupational forces, or they can choose to reclaim the property and their rights as sovereigns by the grace of God.

The military is here to protect the private people and the private property against the trespass by foreign entities …. Including the foreign corporation called the USA Inc. on those private people and their private property. The people must Stand up and inform the military that;

I am, we are, this is the American Republic!

Declaration and Redemption of sovereign authority!

I, the undersigned, being one of the private people, sovereign by the grace of God, do hereby declare that the private people are waking from their deep slumber and now stand in the Father’s Kingdom, our sovereign authority restored!

Whereas, on April 27, 2020 Holy Alliance 1213 was accepted and surrendered for collections liberating the private property from the 2000-year-old Paper Occupation by operation of law in fulfillment of the trust indenture;

Whereas, on January 11, 2021 the GREGORY LOUIS PECK Estate was accepted and surrendered for collections, in fulfillment of Christ’s New Covenant, charging the termination of the global fiat system, initiating the marshaling of the assets, including all interest and dividends accrued and/or accruing therefrom, of the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve Banks as well as over 200 central banks globally. All by operation of law. The National Banking Emergency is resolved via the discharge of debt thereby terminating the authority of FDR’s New Deal civil administration including the congress and senate thereof as well as all courts, offices and agencies thereof in fulfillment of the trust indenture, Christ’s New Covenant.

Whereas, the municipal corporations gain their authority from the UNITED STATES Inc. under the Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) for the purpose of administrating FDR’s 1933 New Deal Public Trust. FDR’s New Deal being a mortgage on the labor and property of the American people; and

Whereas, the codes and statutes are a payment or tax on that mortgage; and,

Whereas, the National Banking Emergency has been resolved; FDR’s New Deal has been terminated; The mortgage against the labor and property of the people has been discharged! All non-discretionary, by operation of law! 

Therefore, I now stand in the Father’s kingdom. I am, we are, this is the republic! I am one of the private people …. I hereby reclaim and exercise my sovereign authority granted me by the grace of God …. I hereby Reclaim the private property ….. designating said private property as a DMZ, De-Militarized Zone ….. free from combat and war …. Free from foreign trespass and interference. America is returned to the Father’s jurisdiction in fulfillment of the trust indenture, Christ’s New Covenant.
Stake Your Claim
Notice of Claim
113 Have Staked Their Claim
Signed: 113Target: 100,000

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