Stake Your Claim


Stake Your Claim as Beneficial Owner

Lately we have seen and heard reports of governments and bankers staking a claim to America and declaring their intentions to take our country through international foreclosure or worse. One can no longer sit back and assume these are mere saber rattling and fear peddling antics of the powers that be. They could be actual notice of intent to levy or foreclose on our country! That is how the powers that be operate. Is it not? They put it right in our face and we fail to see it until it is too late.

The reality is that America belongs to the people and no legal fiction bank or government has a higher claim than we, but our claim has no force or effect if we do not express it and publish it to the world. We must stake our claim for the world to see and hear. We must give our notice of claim to our country and not sit idle and allow their notices to go unanswered.

The people hold the highest claim for we are the beneficiaries to the original grant where God granted dominion over all things. Every man, woman and child have a beneficial right to an undivided portion of the whole of earth. We hold the same right, title and interest in the divine estate as the true owner, the Divine Creator.

“Man” can choose to stake his/her claim to the divine estate from various positions. “Man” is a tenant in original jurisdiction having been granted dominion over the earth and all things therein, including the world of commerce, by their Creator. Original jurisdiction exists prior to the legal fiction world of commerce and therefore over stands commerce. From this original jurisdiction position man is king subject only to his/her Creator.

“Man” can also stake his/her claim from various level, or positions, within the legal fiction world of commerce. There are those staking their claim as a State Citizen. While others are staking their claim as Pre-1933 Citizen having the rights and protections as a 14th Amendment private citizen. There are others that are staking their claim under various grants, agreements and treaties, all which exist within the world of commerce.

The reality is that ‘man’ can stake a claim from as deep within the world of commerce as they choose or they can choose to stake their claim outside and above the world of commerce. It is your choice that reflect where you're standing at the present time here in the soul’s evolutionary process here on earth.

Thompson’s Modern Land Law states that “To make better rights impossible the proof would have to start with Adam and Eve.”  Or from the beginning, the original grant of our Creator to dominion over the earth and all things in, on and above it, including the legal fiction world of commerce.

Today we have a choice to ‘come out of her’ and stake our claim, our status, as Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction. But it is a conscious choice one must make. And it is more than simply making that choice! You must internalize it and make it who you are. You must truly embody your status and Be the beneficiary in original jurisdiction.

We can, and must, stake our claim to the property known as America from the position of beneficial owner in original jurisdiction.


Stake Your Claim

Notice of Claim

We, the undersigned, are the beneficial owners in original jurisdiction holding a right, title and interest in an undivided portion of the whole as the true owner. Our beneficial interest originates with the original grant whereby God granted man dominion over all things. God did not say dominion over all things except the legal fictions of commerce, but dominion over all things. Our right, title and interest precedes and is superior to any and all commercial claims and/or claims by any and all legal fiction governments and/or banks.

We hereby give Notice to the whole world of our Claim against the property popularly known as America. We have never waived, gifted, subordinated or alienated our right, title and interest in the divine estate and reserve all remedies and right of defense of our claim against any and all adverse claims.

Further, we hereby Pledge to fully acquit and discharge all valid claims against said property as a set off against funds held in our name and on our behalf by the Treasury of the United States under the Trading With The Enemy Act immediately upon the removal of the fetter on the account that is blocking said funds.

This Notice of Claim is binding upon all the world.
Stake Your Claim
Notice of Claim
73 Have Staked Their Claim
Signed: 73Target: 100,000

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