Clemency For Wayne Pauley


Clemency for Wayne Pauley

Hello Family, Friends, Acquaintances and Supporters.

     My name is Overton Wayne Pauley.  My family and friends call me Wayne.

     In April of 2000, I was convicted, in federal court, of aiding and abetting to rob a local methamphetamine dealer.  During the robbery, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the dealer and his girlfriend were killed.  I was convicted of 2 murders in the West Virginia State Court—receiving 2 life sentences without the possibility of parole—which are to be served consecutively after my 40 year federal sentence.   As a first time offender, with only a few ordinance citations on my record, this was a very arduous sentence.

     Before my imprisonment, I could barely read and write.  Despite the deficiency, I fell through the cracks, due to my athletic powers.  I graduated from high school.  However, since my incarceration, I have used my time to enrich myself. I have taught myself to better read and write through the assistance of educational programs. I have also been enrolled in a variety of other programs, Sponsored by the Psychology Department, to better assist me in my personal development.

     Hence, I have been a model prisoner with nary disciplinary issues and, as a result, I have managed to work my custody level down from maximum to medium--through positive use of my time and responsible individual conduct.

     In 1998, I was misguided and irresponsible.  I am altogether a different man today and I take full responsibility for the harm that my actions have caused.  Having learned to be accountable and disciplined, I am now seeing the opportunity for a second chance at life.  I know I can prove to be a productive, law-abiding citizen and a worthwhile member of society: if given the opportunity.   But, I need your support.

     To better assist me in this endeavor, please write an email to the following email address that gives your name and advocating your support of Clemency on my behalf to commute my 2 life sentences without parole to the possibility of prole, along with credit for the time I have currently served on the federal sentence.  I still face a daunting 19 years, without my 15% credit for good time.  By commuting the above sentences and running them concurrently with my federal sentence.  I may one day be able to return to society; thus, releasing the public of the burden I have caused and also may be able to redeem myself and my family name.  Send emails to:

     Thank you for your time and consideration in this very important undertaking, and please have your friends and their family members send emails in support as well, if interested.

Sincerely yours,

Overton Wayne Pauley