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What We Do

Legal Registry an Information Portal between the Public and Private

Few truly understand the power & authority of the Notary Public in dealing with the recalcitrant and uncooperative respondent. We create innovative solutions to assist in the exhaustion of your administrative remedy through the use of Legal Notices and Publications, Notarial Presentments and Notarial Protests that result in ‘Confession of Judgments’ and/or binding contracts established via agreement of the parties.

Let us design a solution to meet your legal notice and publication needs.



Private Document Repository

Legal Registry is a private document repository where the client can upload and post their private documents; receive a Certified hard copy with stamped ‘File’ data and/or a ‘Certificate of Abstract’ in the nature of a Safe Keeping Receipt based on a third party assessment and valuation of the deposited documents. This service is reserved for Declarations of Status and related documents at this time.

Notarial Presentment and Protests

Legal Registry provides Notarial Presentments and Protests for their clients to assist in the taking of depositions, presentment and protest of legal documents in the exhaustion of administrative remedy and issues a Notary Judgment of the mutually agreed upon facts.

All services of Legal Registry are overseen by a Notary Public and is able to provide Certification of Publication and certified and authenticated hard copies of deposited document.




Legal Registry operates an official petition under the watchful eye of a Notary Public. All Letters to the Recipient as well as all Petition Results are Certified and delivered under Notary Seal.

In America today the Petition has little actual legal force and effect but is useful in measuring the Will of the American People. Petition results are useful leverage in communicating the Will of the People to our Public Officials.

Petitions are an effective method of shifting the chaotic wave of change from ‘Crying about the problem’ to focusing on the solution bringing an actual remedy into the realm of potential. The Law of Attraction is clear that if we continue to focus our energy on the problem we shall receive more of the problem. The Petition facilitates the shift of energy to a focus on the solution rather than the problem.



Legal Notices and Publications

The requirements for Legal Notices and Publications were established long before the digital age came into existence. Legal notices and Publications have been a main stay for the printed newspapers since their beginnings and has become a billion dollar industry that stretches the budgets of every municipality today.

Over the past several years the efforts of numerous states to upgrade the Publications and Notices requirements and regulations bringing them into the digital age have been met with resistance that has been almost exclusively mounted by the aging newspaper industry as a lifesaving or life extending measure.

Legal Registry has been involved in developing and implementing new and innovative methods to fulfill the future requirements of Legal Notices and Publication. Today, Legal Registry offers a variety of methods and combinations of processes to meet the ever growing demand for affordable yet effective methods to fulfill the ‘intent’ and ‘purpose’ of the Publications and Notices legislation.


We have established a Petition department at Petition.Legal-Registry.org. Please check it out and sign the Petitions for use as leverage as we move forward. Thank you for doing your part to Save America!

Invest In America

We understand that in every battle or endeavor that there are those who ‘Fight’ the battle and those who ‘Fund’ the battle. One without the other is doomed for failure. We offer you a way to remain anonymous and/or at arm’s length yet still Do Your Part to Save America.