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Lately we have seen and heard reports of governments and bankers staking a claim to America and declaring their intentions to take our country through international foreclosure or worse. One can no longer sit back and assume these are mere saber rattling and fear peddling antics of the powers that be. They could be actual notice of intent to levy or foreclose on our country! That is how the powers that be operate. Is it not? They put it right in our face and we fail to see it until it is too late.

The reality is that America belongs to the people and no legal fiction bank or government has a higher claim than we, but our claim has no force or effect if you we do not express it and publish it to the world. We must stake our claim for the world to see and hear. We must give our notice of claim to our country and not sit idle and allow their notices to go unanswered.

Stake your claim today!

In 1933 FDR’s New Deal  placed the United States at odds with the American people. We have been labelled ‘enemy aliens’ under the Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) adversely effecting ever part of our lives. Under TWEA enemy aliens have no right of claim and no remedy until the perpetual war against the people is terminated. OR, until our status as enemy alien is corrected to reflect our true status as Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction.

A major step in correcting that status is declaring our peaceful intent in the form of an agreement. The Treaty is the perfect format for doing just that while holding the United State’s feet to the file to come into compliance with International Law and the Hague Regulations.




The UNITED STATES INC has administrated our Good Faith & Credit for 84 years into a $20 Trillion debt and not once has anyone offered a plan to discharge the debt to facilitate the return to solvency. Why? Because perpetual debt is profitable and provides unlimited power and control over the debtor by the alleged creditor.

Years of research by hundreds of dedicated and competent researchers have established that it is The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) as Amended by the Emergency Banking Relief Act (EBRA) of 1933 that has resulted in this perpetual debt that has become an unsustainable burden on the American people.

We invite all Americans to sign the petition and be a part of Saving America from the coming economic storm.

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We have created The-National-Voice.org to provide you more information on the who, what, when and where of the Beneficial Owner and what it means to you and America. We also break down the process used by the United States in the creation of money based on our good faith & credit, the Private TDA accounts, the Discharge of debt and much more. It is a useful tool for you and your friends, for the novice and the well healed. We invite you to check it out. Click on the image and in a flash, you will be there!

One Global Estate is a private membership exclusively for Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction. You can interact with people of like mind and learn how to live in the private and more importantly how to correct your political status from enemy alien to Beneficial Owner and finally access your divine inheritance.

Membership gains you access to the private side of Legal Registry where we create the property documents for the process of making the corrections of status and gaining access to your private set off funds. Come join us today at OneGlobalEstate.com

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